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UND1C1 - Kickstarter Edition

UND1C1 - Kickstarter Edition

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UND1C1 is a tabletop soccer simulator for two players, each acting as the coach of a soccer team.

Each coach controls a team of 11 players and has a deck of 20 strategy cards. Each player chip is unique and displays player’s name, kit number, preferred position and up to 5 special abilities. Strategy cards differ by color, duration and effects, and can be used to boost one team’s game or to inhibit the opponent's strategy.

Coaches can play UND1C1 with one of the featured set teams or draft players to compose their best XI. Strategy card decks can also be customised, as the whole UND1C1 collection counts more than 100 unique cards.

UND1C1 simulates real match dynamics in a simple and intuitive fashion, not leaving aside tactics and strategy. The game mechanics are a mix of German and American elements in which the casual factor is balanced by positioning strategies and resources management.

The game features premium materials (including neoprene pitch and clay chips), original artwork by Marco Paradiso, collectable components and a number of expansions (some of which are currently in beta testing).

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