Collection: The W'adrhŭn

Orcs on Dinosaurs! The W'adrhŭn were created by the Spires when they tired of spawning their armies and sought instead to breed them.

Driven by their own sense of superiority and perfectionism, initial failures led the Spires to create the Primes: W'adrhŭn bodies powerful and perfect enough that they could be animated by the Primordial Aspects of War, Death, Famine and Conquest. These were prematurely unleashed upon the Dweghom during the Fall.

Conquest, the living goddess of the W'adrhŭn orchestrated their escape and survival even as her siblings each perished in the conflagration. Bred for war and baptized in the flames of battle, the W'adrhŭn have nonetheless struggled to find their own path in the world, seeking to shape their own culture away from the overwhelming influence of their tailored creation.