Collection: The Old Dominion

Long before the Hundred Kingdoms, mankind reached the zenith of its power under the auspices and protection of its patron god, Hazlia the Pantokrator, and formed the Dominion.

The Dominion spread mankind’s influence to the four corners of Ea, but was shattered in the apocalyptic Fall, when mankind turned on their god and laid him low. Immortal but wounded unto death, a maddened Hazlia made a deal with the Horseman of Death, merging his essence of Creation with that of the Primordial of Destruction becoming the un-God and birthing forth an abomination to all creation: the undead.

Though defeated and bound by the selfless sacrifice of the Last Legion, Hazlia and his corrupted priesthood have been able to reanimate his ancient legions, turning even the very stones of his consecrated temples and cities against the living, forming the core of the forces of the Old Dominion.