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Q Workshop Viking Modern Mjolnir Dice Set 7

Q Workshop Viking Modern Mjolnir Dice Set 7

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Just like Mjolnir, a mighty war hammer with magical powers, glistened with lightning in Thor's hands, so will this set of dice be your source of electrifying success in every test. Extremely legible digits, surrounded by Viking ornaments, will flash in silver for you whenever you decide to use them in your game. The stormy background will set your mind in the most epic mood: the calm before the storm, followed by violent action and devastating attacks. With these dice in your hands, you are truly holding your own variation of the Mjolnir's power!

Geared-up for battle — The set consists of 7 polyhedral dice, with a rounded Modern D4.
A mighty storm — The color theme for this set is a stormy background with silver engravings.
Runes of glory — The engravings on the dice present digits kept in old runic font style.
A nordic style — The dice faces are adorned with patterns, weaves, and symbols inspired by Vikings' ornament style.

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