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Para Bellum

Old Dominion: One Player Starter Set

Old Dominion: One Player Starter Set

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This is the perfect set to be table ready to play Old Dominion.

Box Contents

  • 24 Legionnaires/Praetorian Guard
  • 24 Kheres/Moroi
  • 1 Archimadrite
  • 49 Infantry Bases
  • 13 Infantry Stands
  • 9 Command Cards
  • Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings Paperback Rulebook
  • "Conquest the Next Step" Guide
  • Assembly Instructions

Product Information

  • Assembly: Required. 
  • Box size: 30.5x23.5x18 cm; 2000g
  • Material: Plastic regiments. Plastic Character.
  • Scale: 38mm
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